Advantages of Australian Decking in Melbourne

Australian decking is unique in the decking industry for a number of reasons. To start with, the collection of woods available for decking is wide and varied which provides consumers with wide variety of options. Second, the Australian decking industry has made valiant attempts to educate consumers on the benefits of using Australian decking in Melbourne.

Naturally, the first thing people will consider when shopping for decking is how it will look. Industry wide, Australian floors are considered some of the most beautiful and of the highest quality available. They are very versatile in colour and texture that only adds to the many options available for consumers.

Australian Decking Features

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the hardwoods used in decking are world renowned for their durability. They are also exceptionally resistant to wear and tear such as everyday occurances like scratches from pets and scuff marks from shoes.

One great example of a premier decking option is Australian Cypress. Australian Cypress is one of the most sought-after decking options in Melbourne for its extreme durability and gorgeous colour. It is just as popular internationally as it is in Australia for both commercial and residential decking projects.

If durability and jaw dropping beauty aren't enough to convince you to invest in Australian decking in Melbourne maybe performance will. Australian hardwoods have exceptional acoustic properties. They also have a high fire resistance rating.

Decking Choices

Understanding the available decking options is an important first step in picking the right type of decking for you. Some of the most popular options include:

Brush Box - Brush Box is usually light brown in colour though it can be found in darker browns and light pink variations. It is fire resistance, termite resistant, and incredibly durable. Brush Box makes for an excellent exterior or interior decking choice. It will not dent or scratch easily and it is most often purchased by individuals seeking a hardwood floor of a straw-like colour.

Victorian Ash - This hardwood has colours that range from pinks and light browns to different shades of medium brown. It adds great life, beauty, and elegance to any home.

- Jarrah -Jarrah is well known for its deep red colours, high durability rating, fire resistance, and pest resistance. Because this type of decking is so highly saught after it can be a little more expensive when it comes to the price. However, if you're looking for a beautiful, unique, and customised option, this is definitely the wood you should choose.

~ Karri - Karri is usually available in rich browns and reds. The tree that produces this wood sheds its bark which results in unique colour patterns that form in the wood. It is exclusively grown in Australia making it an incredibly coveted decking option.

These are only a few of the many options available to you in the hardwood decking industry. Not to mention there are different finishes, sizes, and milling techniques available to customise your floor to your liking.

Finding the right wood to suite your decking needs can easily be done with as they are guaranteed to be the cheapest in Melbourne, Victoria with all timber in stock.