Beautiful Merbau Decking for Any Style of Melbourne Homes

Recently, the Misses and I had been thinking of adding a little something to our backyard. Something we could use and would look nice and add a little extra value to our home. The first thing we thought of was a pool, but that's so much to maintain and in the off seasons it's quite the eyesore. After mulling it over a little longer, like a bolt of lightning, we both thought of building a deck.

And why not a deck? They're so perfect for any number of functions. Bar-b-ques, luncheons, family dinners, sun bathing, lounging, anything, really! Little did we know just how many options there were when it comes to building a deck for your home. Everything from styles and designs to what kind of wood you want it to be made of. It was a little overwhelming. So let me offer you a little advice in the form of two words; Merbau decking.

Merbau decking in Melbourne is a style constructed of absolutely gorgeous wood, a deep amber, almost red hue that matches any home and yard. When we finally found it, we couldn't believe it. We knew that Merbau decking was exactly what we wanted. Now all we had to do was decide on how big, how much, and what design.

One of the great things about Merbau decking is you can do anything with it and it will look great. Single tear or multiple tier platforms, basic patio style, graduating steps, leveled, anything you can imagine. Touch it up with some foliage and flowers around the side to complete the lovely new look to your back yard or porch. With a good contractor, everything can be assembled and ready for use in a day!

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After having had the Merbau decking for a few months now, my absolute favourite part is just how easy it is to maintain. The smooth, durable finish doesn't crack and prevents splinters on those barefooted lazy days, and doesn't lose its colour under the sun. And cleanup is so easy, I just unroll the hose, spray it down, and I'm finished. No hassle at all and it looks great all year around.

If you're thinking about building an addition to your home, I highly recommend Merbau decking. It's the best choice we could have made for our house and even makes for a great investment. If we move, the next house is getting the exact same treatment.
And what good is a great decking arrangement without a great timber provider to help get the job done? We went with Budget Timber market to meet our contractor's inventory needs, and they were quick and easy to work with. Best of all, they are guaranteed to be the cheapest in Melbourne, Victoria with all timber in stock. Visit their website today at today. We did and we loved the results. Don't wait, have the deck you've always dreamed of now!