Buy Quality Merbau Decking in Dandenong

When you are involved in a major project like adding a deck to your home, it is reassuring to know that you can purchase a wide variety of hardwood lumber and other necessary products locally and at a reasonable price.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff at a local lumber supply can offer plenty of suggestions so that you make the best choices possible for the project you have in mind. The right wood and construction accessories make the job much simpler and a great price is one of the benefits of DIY. For contractors, that savings provides a larger profit or ensures more jobs for clients looking for a better price.

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What Wood Makes Good Decking?

There are many different Australian hardwoods that make excellent decking. A variety of woods such as Merbau decking in Dandenong are great choices for long lasting, beautiful finishes.

  • Merbau is a species of teak that is strong and durable and resists fungi and termites. The heartwood is found in shades of gray or yellow brown to bright reddish brown or nearly black. Sapwood is a pale yellow.

  • Spotted Gum is also extremely strong and durable as well as highly valuable. The colours range from a light brown to a dark reddish brown.

  • River Red Gum is a eucalypt that offers shades of deep red. The wood is strong, durable, termite resistant and has a fine grain.

  • Tallow wood, another eucalypt, has a high oil content and a distinctive yellow brown to olive green colour.

  • Black butt is known for an even texture and a particularly straight grain. It comes in shades of golden yellow to pale brown and sometimes even a pinkish tint. This wood is beautiful when stained or polished.


The Benefits Of Australian Hardwoods

Along with the already mentioned qualities of strength and durability, there are other benefits to using high quality, low priced Australian hardwoods especially Merbau decking in Dandenong for all your decking needs.

  • The high quality of Australian hardwood decking adds value to the property.

  • Hardwood decking is stylish, ageless and easy to maintain.

  • Natural colours, grains and unique characteristics found in each type of hardwood provide versatility and a truly unique appearance.


Green Considerations For Using Australian Hardwood Decking

Wood decks and flooring have traditionally lasted for many years in great condition with beauty and style. Other types of flooring have depended on manufactured materials that have not been beneficial to the environment. By following the trend back to the use of hardwoods, property owners and contractors are contributing to the reduction of their carbon footprint. This is possible because most of the timber used for decking comes from sustainably managed forests and is, therefore, a renewable resource.

Although many people may say that cutting down large areas of trees is bad for the environment, these companies carefully select sections for harvesting and replant trees to replace those that have been taken. Since young trees use more carbon dioxide to grow, they are actually improving the air quality by removing more greenhouse gases.

Similarly, by cutting and utilizing the wood, falling and rotting lumber is avoided. In the process of decomposition, these dead trees give off the carbon dioxide they stored!

Shop Around For Quality, Reasonably Priced Hardwood Decking

Whether you are looking for Merbau decking in Dandenong or River Reds elsewhere in Melbourne, a local lumber supplier has everything you need at a guaranteed great price.

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