The Best Timber Decking For Australian Yards

Humans are naturally drawn to the outdoors. Our backyards serve as places of safety, solace, and memories. They are the very epicenter of barbecues, parties, and family celebrations. Every backyard is unique and very few in Australia are flat.

Uneven ground can cause all sorts of problems when setting up for summer barbecue or favourite holiday party. The Australian climate encourages people to socialize and spend time outdoors-terrain is the only thing that can stand in your way of having a good time. However,  timber decking in Melbourne  can open up an entirely new world of opportunities to have fun outdoors.

Finding the Right Deck for You

Timber decking provides a safe and stable surface for all your outdoor activities and can be easily customised to fit your lifestyle. Everyone has a dream backyard in mind and timber decking can add that little something extra to your favourite outdoor space. Natural woods are often used to create decking that will suite your individual tastes.

The best choices in timber used for decking may be discovered by weighing the following options:

  • - Weather conditions
  • - Effects of the environment
  • - Presence of pests in the area


You'll want to choose timber for your deck that will be durable and resilient to the Australian climate. As a natural product, timber is susceptible to its environment so it is very important that his is kept in mind when choosing wood for your deck.

Top Six Timber Choices in Australia

All timber used in decking is ranked on a scale of one to four. One is the highest durability rating timber can have and four is the lowest. All timber used in decking should rank one or two on this scale.

  • ~ Blackbutt - This timber is great to use for a deck when you live in an area that is classified as a brush fire area. Blackbutt has a natural fire resistance and a durability class of two. It is usually brown in appearance.

  • ~ Jarrah - Jarrah wood has gorgeous deep crimson shade to it and a durability class of two.

  • ~ Spotted Gum - This is another fantastic form of timber for brush fire areas because of the timbers natural fire resistance. Like Blackbutt and Jarrah it has a durability rating of two. It is often brown in colour, though you can get some fantastic variations in the wood that make for a one-of-a-kind customised deck.

  • ~ Tallowood - Has a durability rating of one and is yellow in colour.

  • ~ Ironbark - This is the strongest form of timber on the list. It also has a durability rating of one and can be found in both grey and red colours.

  • River Red Gum - If you would like a cherry red coloured deck with a durability rating of two River Red Gum is just the timber you are looking for.


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