Timber Flooring in Dandenong is more than just Beautiful

There is no doubt that high quality hardwood flooring is quite stylish and attractive. It is classic and modern while providing a touch of warmth and comfort to any home. Hardwood flooring enhances any décor and looks unique in any setting due to the natural variations in the colour and grain of the wood.

It is now possible to obtain high quality timber flooring in Dandenong at an excellent price for more reasons than just good looks.

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Other Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring Disaster

In addition to a fabulous appearance, hardwood flooring offers other positive reasons for its use.

1. Hardwood floors are non-allergenic
2. High quality hardwood flooring is simple to maintain and easy to clean
3. The natural qualities of hardwood make the flooring forgiving
4. Timber flooring feels warm in the winter but cool in the summer
5. Solid hardwood has no formaldehyde that can leak into the air and compromise health


Harvesting Hardwood Is Not An Ecological Disaster

In spite of what conservationists may say hardwood forests are carefully monitored. There are strict guidelines for harvesting and replanting which actually provide greater benefits to the environment. Harvesting the trees reduces or even eliminates dead, rotting timber. This is significant because all of the carbon stored in the tree during its life is released through the process of decomposition.

Similarly, young trees absorb more greenhouse gases while they are growing and are therefore more efficient at cleaning the air. Older trees that are no longer in active growth don't store the carbon as effectively any longer.

An additional ecological benefit to the use of hardy Australian timber for flooring is the ability to reclaim or recycle salvaged boards to be re-used. This has become quite popular given the patina old wood has developed. It is considered especially stylish with a distinctive finish.

What Types Of Wood Are Best For Flooring?

For beautiful, high quality, affordable timber flooring in Dandenong, there are many different hardwoods from which to choose.

- Tasmanian Oak  is generally light-coloured ranging from pale yellow to light red-brown
- Spotted Gum is easy to dry and process and offers shades of light brown to dark red-brown
- Ironbark is a distinctive dark red timber that is extremely hard and durable
- Jarrah is known for a beautiful grain and a rich red-brown colour
- Karri is slightly lighter in colour than Jarrah and can make extremely long, knot-free boards
- Brushbox offers a curly pattern in its grain and appears light red-brown to dark copper-brown. It is also exceptionally strong
- Black Butt heartwood grows in a variety of shades from golden yellow to a pale brown but even can show pink tints and the sapwood is much lighter. It has a straight grain and even texture
- Blue Gum lumber is rather heavy with an interlocking grain and a yellowish brown colour

Different finishes, sizes and milling techniques provide a wide range of looks even within one species of wood but all of these native Australian hardwoods make wonderful flooring


Count On The Experts

For any type of timber flooring in Dandenong it pays to trust the experts at a local lumber yard known for exceptional customer service, high quality wood and excellent prices.

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